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February 27, 2012
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The Lonely One Chapter 8

    "Crona!" Maka yelled. Crona sat up fast in her bed. "Wh, what is it?" She rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock. It was 4:30 in the morning. "What?" Crona yawned. "Remember? The DWMA Christmas party is today!" Maka pulled off all of Crona's covers. "N-no?" Then she remembered yesterday when she had been late to class Ms. Marie had beed explaining it when she walked in.
   "Aw. but I don't have anything to wear." Crona frowned. The dress she used for the carnaval had been rented. "That's why I got you up so early!" Maka pulled on Crona's hand. "But you'll have to hurry!" Crona got out of her bed and stretched. "Kay."
     That morning Maka took Crona and Soul to the tailor's shop. Also, upon Blair's request, she had to come too. The three climbed onto Soul's motor cycle and put Blair in a basket on the front. When they arrived, Maka got off and stretched. She grabbed Blair and headded in. Blair swatted at one of Maka's pigtails. "No Blair." Maka set her on the ground. She transformed back into a human and squealed at all of the dresses hanging on the different wracks and the hair acessories.
    Maka sighed. "Kay, come on Crona, Soul! We need to hurry, school starts in an hour." Soul rolled his eyes. "I don't see why we have to go to this fancy place. I have a good suit at home." He sat down in a chair. "No Soul, you need to look good for the party today!" Maka grabbed his hand and led him to the suits. "Hey, Maka!" He had an annoyed look on his face. "How 'bout this one Soul?" Maka smiled she held up a black and red pen striped suit. "NO." Soul put it back as fast as he could. Maka laughed. "Ha ha fine. How about this?" She held up one that had a red tie and had a red hankercheif in one of the front pockets. "Sure, that one's cool." He took it and sat down again. "Ug Soul, your're so boring. I'm never taking you shopping again. "She stuck her tounge out.
   Maka turned to Crona. "Okay! Our turn!" She led Crona to all of the dresses on the back wall. "Ooh! I like this one!" Maka picked up a dress that was white with red stripes like a candy cane. "I'm going to go try it on. Wait here." Shw slipped inside the changing room and closed the door. "Okay." Crona turned back to the dresses and started to brouse around.
    "Ooh, looky. I think you would look hood in this!" Crona turned around and saw the girl at school who had passed her the note and got her in trouble. She was holding up a witch costume that was left over from Halloween. She laughed and Crona just stared at her with hurt in her eyes. A click sounded behind them as Maka came out with the candy cane dress on. "What do you think Crona?" Maka giggled and turned in a circle. The dress was really puffy at the bottom and it had sleeves that went to her elbows. It came with a green knee high boots and matching green gloves. Then, she had her hair down with a little candy cane clip that held back her bangs from her face on one side. She stopped and looked at the girl. "Oh, are you one of Cron's friends?" She smiled. "Oh yeah. Best friends!" She put her arm around Crona. "I have to go now though!" She walked off with a bag in her hand. "Great to see you making friends!" Maka laughed and she turned back to the dresses. "She's not my friend." Crona whispered. Maka turned around. "She's NOT my friend!" Crona yelled and sank so the ground, crying. Maka rushed over to her and put her arm around her. "Sh, it's okay. Who is she then?" Crona had to talk between sobs. "Sh-she has been pushing me, getting me in trouble and calling me Witch Girl!" She screamed the last words. "Everyone has." She whispered.
   "Hey now, it's okay. As long as you didn't really do anything then it's not your fault! Just ignore those jerks!" Maka helped Crona up and wiped her face off with her hand. "Come on, we need to hurry and pick a dress for you. I'll be fine in this one." She turned again to the varried dresses and started rummaging through them.
   After about ten minutes, they had picked a short, long sleeved red dress with fluffy white trimming around the neckline, sleeve cuffs, and bottom. It had black boots and a red santa hat. Crona poked her hat. "Hm, nice. Can we go now?" Soul yawned. "Rr Soul, yes. We are going when we but these. Give that to me." Maka snatched the black and red suit from Soul and put it on the counter along with the two dresses.
   "Wait!" Blair ran up to the counter with a dress in her hands. "I want this one!" She held it up. Maka's jaw dropped. It was a two piece, a very small, brown two piece, with very tall black boots, long brown gloves, and reindeer antlers. "NO Blair." Maka turned back to the regester. "Awww. I'll pay for it by myself! We are having a Christmas party at work too, and I need something to wear!" Blair pouted. "Fine, you buy it. I just don't want to see you wear it!" Maka turned back to the register again and bought the three items. After, Blair stepped up to buy her 'dress' and then they left to school.

     With Blair dropped off at her work, the three continued to school. After they had arrived, they all rushed to the dressing rooms to get their party clothes on. As Crona slipped on her hat and she hoped with all her heart that that girl wouldn't be there.
  As Crona walked out, she knew it was too good to be true. She saw the girl with a bunch of her mean friends crowdig around her. Crona tried to turn her gaze, but the girl had caught her eye and motioned for Crona to come over to her. She reluctantly picked through the students, which wasn't too hard, seeing how they always discustedly moved away from her.
  When she reached the girl, she held out her hand for Crona to shake. "Hi, I'm Angel." She flipped her hair. Crona opened her mouth to speak, but Angel started talking. "Oh, I know you. Your Witch Girl." She sneered and all of the girls started laughing. Crona began to break away from them, trying to find someone more friendly.
   Someone picked up Crona's hand. She turned around. It was Kid, wearing a rediculous green suit witht a red tie. Not one of Liz's best choices, she thought, but giggled. "May I have this dance?" Kid grabbed her other hand and they started to dance around, laughing at both of thier bad dancing. It was hard for them not to smile as they danced around in different patterns.
  After the song was over, they both went to get something to drink. Kid grabbed some water and Crona walked to the punch bowl. She wished she would have gotton water, but too late. She had already grabbed a cup and Angel had already seen her. Angel put on a wicked smile, as if the devil had posessed her. She picked up the dipper and filled it until it almost over flowed. "Here, let me help you!" "No!" Crona walked backwards. "I insist!" She tipped the dipper and spilled all over the front of Cronas dress.
   Crona stood there for a moment, tears coming to her eyes. She ran to Maka and dragged her to the changing rooms. "Crona? What happened?" Maka looked at Crona's stained dress. "Aw, did you spill on yourself?" She began wiping  Crona's dress with some paper towels. "N-no, that girl, she dumped it all over me, on purpose!" Maka gave Crona a paper towel to wipe her eyes with.
   "Don't worry Crona. I'll get her." Maka narrowed her eyes. "What am I going to do about my dress?" Crona was still sobbing. "I know. Here, wear this!" Angel had come in, holding the witch costume. Maka stood up and walked over to her. "Hey. What do you think your doing? Do you think your being funny?" Angel shrunk back, no one had ever really told her off before. Maka kept advancing on her. "Why are you doing this to Crona?" She started to raise her voice. "What did she do to you?" Maka was yelling now.
   Angel pointed at Crona and screamed. "She is a boy-stealing, Witch Girl!" Crona started to weep. Maka put her hand on Angel's shoulder. "Crona had no choice on who her mother was, or what she did to her. And she definitely did not steal anything." Maka had lowered her voice to a whisper. Angel slapped Maka's hand away. "Shut up! You don't know what it feels like to be rejected!" She started running away, crying. She yelled behind her, "I was supposed to be Kid's partner!" Maka felt bad for yelling, but she had to. She had to protect her friend.
   Maka picked up the witch dress.
jeez the first part of this was sitting here for like, 5 days.. now that Cloudy is gone and I have caught up with homework, i finnished typing it ^^; here, i hope you like it, only 2 more chapters! D: sad i know. (not like you guys really care prolly......)

All characters (c) the person who wrote Soul Eater except for Angel, i made her up and she belongs to me. Please dont use her with out my permission.

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