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February 18, 2012
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     Kid touched his skate board down in front of Maka and Soul's appartment. He walked to their door and knocked 8 times. "Helllo?" Kid heard from inside. Someone opened the door slowly and yellow eyes peeked out.
     "Kiidkuuuuuun!!!" Blair flung herself onto Kid and hugged him. "Are you here to play with me?" She meowed in a sing-song voice. "Ug, no, get off of me!" Kid shoved the pervy cat girl away from himself. He then took out a hankerchief and wiped his face off. "Aww. your no fun." Blair crossed her arms and pouted.
   "Hey, what's this?" The door opened wider and Maka stepped out. "Blair! Why didn't you tell me that Kid was here?" Maka stared her, her jade eyes squinted. "I thought he was here for me!" Blair stamped her foot. "Fine. I'll just go get my Scythey-boy~!" And with that, the kitty walked off calling, "Soulkuuuun!!" Maka winced. "Sorry 'bout her. Blair's a little...." The scythe miester paused. "Weird." She concluded. Kid slowly nodded.
   "Oh, sorry, you must be here for Crona." Maka smiled, Kid blushed a little then nodded again. "Kay, I'll send her out in a sec. Just wait here. Bye." Maka shut the door as Kid waved to her. So Kid waited for about five minutes. He studied the outside of the appartment. He narrowed his eyes when he realized how unsymmetrical everything had been arranged. Two flower pots over here and four over here. He picked up one of the decorated pots and started moving it when he heard the door open and close. He turned around, still holding the pot. His jaw dropped along with the pot. It shattered upon meeting the ground. For there standing in front of him was Crona, wearing a beautiful pink dress that had no sleeves or straps with a dark pink rose on the side of her chest that draped a sparkling veil over the rest of her body. She was wearing pink gloves and another dark pink rose on her head. Her hair had been straightened in the back and she was wearing pink flats with little roses on the side of them. With all of that, she had a little gold neclace.
    Kid stood there, his eyes almost popping out of his head. Crona looked to the side and blushed. All she could manage to say was, "Maka helped me with it." Then she smiled at Kid. Kid realized he was staring, so he closed his mouth and smiled back at her.
    "Well, shall we go?" Kid held out his hand and Crona took it shyly. "Yeah." They climbed onto Kid's board and took off into the horizon. The sun was setting, giving everything a golden glow. Crona's eyes sparkled as she held onto Kid on the back of his skate board.
  The carnaval lights glittered below them as Kid and Crona descended down to the ground. Kid stepped off and let Crona off as well. He moved his arms around and the board dissappeared again. Crona looked around at the beautiful colors that surrounded them. There were all sorts of booths. Booths where you could buy food, little trinkets and more. Booths where you could play games and win prizes. It was wonderful! Crona thought. She smiled so wide, unable to take everything in.
   "What do you want to do first?" Kid took Crona's hand. She looked down at their hands and then looked up at Kid again. She pointed to a game booth with little ducks floating around. Kid laughed a bit. "Okay!" They skipped to the ducky booth. The owner of the booth smiled and explained how to play the game. All you had to do was pick a duck and depending on the number on the bottom, then you would recieve a certain prize. Crona and Kid both picked up a duck. Kid looked at his number and his face went pale. It was 7. Crona lifted hers. She had picked one with the number 8 on the underside. She giggled. Crona could tell that Kid was close to passing out. He did his best not to with Crona there. She then took the duck from his hand and replaced it with hers. "There!" Crona looked at Kid to see what his reaction would be. He laughed.

"Thanks Crona."

   Then, apparently, the number 7 didn't win anything. 8 won a little pink bunny stuffed animal. Kid felt bad for taking the winning number. "Here." Kid gave the little bunny to Crona. She smiled and hugged it. "Thanks!"

   Crona and Kid had gone around lots of different booths. They went to mostly game booths. But they didn't win anything else except for a little dog stuffie that Kid had kept. He won it in a shooting game where you had to hit five different targets with a lazar pistol. Kid had spent a long time trying to convince the person who ran the booth to let him use two at a time. After a while, he had finally haggled 2 of them, but he had to hit 10 targets. Being a gun miester, he easily hit the ten targets with ten bullets. Crona was having the time of her life. She couldn't stop smiling and it made her cheeks hurt! She wished the rest of her life could be this fun.
   Kid checked his watch."Oh, come on! We're going to be late!" He grabbed Crona's hand and started walking quickely.
    "Late for what?" Crona tilted her head. "You'll see!" Kid smiled sweetly. They soon arrived at a big open clearing crowded with people. They walked to a spot that wasn't as crowded. "Wait here." Kid let go of Crona's hand and ran off. So Crona just stook there for a bit until Kid returned with a blanket. He spread it out on the ground.
  "you can sit now if you want." Kid motioned for Crona to sit as he sat down himself. She sat next to him. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered into her ear. "It's about to start." As he said that, a huge boom sounded over head as colors exploded above them.

     Fireworks! Crona had only heard about them, but never seen them. The noises startled her a bit, but the bright colors intriegued her. They sat there, watching the fireworks burst overhead. Crona rested her head on Kid's shoulder. Suddenly, she saw her chance. She whispered 3, very important words.
     "I love you." And she fell asleep.
YAY!!!! sorry for being so lazy, but ive been soooo busy this last week, because i was cosplaying everyday for school... uou very hard work.

any waysss, how do you like the 6th chapter?? :3 only 4 left D:

after you read this, you can look at this cute picture of them together~ <3 [link]

Soul eater and characters (c) whoever wrote soul eater!!

(Not me, hence the name 'fan fiction' derp.)

dis one was pwetty cute huh? X3 im a sucker for cute love stories. AND CRONA!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3 i love crona soooooo much X3 >//////< al;ksdjfl;aksdfj

Prologue: [link]

Chapter 1: [link]

Chapter 2: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Chapter 4: [link]

Chapter 5: [link]

Chapter 6: [link]

Chapter 7: [link]

Chapter 8: [link]

Chatper 9: [link]

Chapter 10: [link]
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